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The Accidental Universe and Other Stories 

A New Book by Gerard Marconi


Gerard Marconi taught Humanities and Fine Arts at the college level for many years, and studied fiction writing in workshops with numerous published authors, including Roxanne Robinson, Lee K. Abbott, and Tammy Greenwood.


His play "Rapture" was performed at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival and his short stories have appeared in The Chattahoochee Review, The Tuscarora Review, The Write Launch, and The Summerset Review, an online literary journal. He also won Honorable Mention in the Richard Yates Short Story Competition sponsored by Night Train magazine and was a finalist for a New Millennium Award. 

Coming March 2023

"Dark humor mingles with pathos in Marconi's accidental universe where both the living and the dead, the incarnate and the imagined yearn for connection and meaning."

Ellen Prentiss Campbell

Washington Independent Review of Books

The Accidental Universe and Other Stories begins with a riff on the oldest tale known to man and then takes us from the beginning of the twentieth century up to the present day and beyond. Some are traditional short stories about one person while others vary the point of view and still others are in the form of one-act plays. Individual lives are explored in different venues and at different times, but they all touch on the search for meaning in a chaotic universe. From the religious beliefs of Christopher Columbus to those of modern evangelicals, from the words of Shakespeare to those of Samuel Beckett, from the paintings of Andrew Wyeth to those of Andy Warhol, and in the lives of grave diggers as well as artists, this unique collection of humorous and serious stories will engage the minds, hearts, and imaginations of readers on an unforgettable journey.

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